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How can a Care Coordinator help you? 

Professional Adult Care Coordination

Adult Care Solutions LLC (ACS) is a professional care management company based in Durham, North Carolina and serves clients throughout the United States.

Your Care Coordinator provides advocacy, referrals and consulting

ACS provides adult care coordination and geriatric care management through consulting, referrals, advocacy and in-person services. We can be compared to composers and conductors: we develop options for health and aging related situations and orchestrate the appropriate solutions. Our efforts enable families to focus on the relationship with the individual and leave the legwork and arrangements to professionals who do this kind of work every day. We know the local resources, understand Medicare and Medicaid, keep abreast of state and federal programs, have developed relationships with local service providers and can work closely with your physician, pharmacist and other health care providers so all services are coordinated and providers mutually informed. ACS staff is prepared to work with you to find the appropriate solutions, reduce your stress and maximize efficiency in problem solving your situation.

Talk with a Geriatric Care Manager now—don’t wait for the crisis

Typically a care manager or coordinator is sought out at the time of an emergency in a family member’s life: heart attack, stroke and falls are all common occurrences requiring immediate decisions for which you may not know the answers. Combined with all the responsibilities we have caring for our families, working, and the myriad of other commitments in our lives you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused with the time-limited decisions you must make.

Transitioning from the hospital—Care Managers reduce readmission risk

Perhaps you have a family member being discharged from the hospital? This transition requires attention to medications, scheduling follow-up visits and care of the individual if they are returning home. Referencing an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, News-Press reported that “Almost one of every five Medicare beneficiaries — about 18 percent — returns to the hospital within 30 days of leaving. Three months after discharge, a third of beneficiaries will be back.”* Getting the patient into their physician within 2 weeks following discharge and reconciling their medications will significantly reduce the risk of readmission to the hospital. Your Care Coordinator/Manager can make sure these important steps are done.

Our staff is experienced in working with adults dealing with a variety of health, mobility, cognitive and mental health concerns. We work with individuals and families to develop patient-centered solutions to your short and long-term needs. We receive satisfaction helping families safely age-in-place while receiving appropriate support.

*Kaiser Family Foundation News, “Readmissions Cost Medicare Billions,” News-Press, May 27, 2009.

Patient-centered solutions to maintain independence

Adult Care Solutions LLC, is committed to providing patient-centered care management, which promotes family involvement in the development of solutions that meet the needs of the client and family.

We encourage, support and educate our clients to self-manage their health as directed by their health care providers.  We will work with our clients to enable them to age-in-place for as long as this is a safe option.

ACS believes that completing a medical power-of-attorney, durable power-of-attorney, living will, will and end-of-life request forms, further empowers an individual to receive the type and amount of care they wish. ACS staff encourage families to discuss their end-of-life wishes with each other and will provide referrals to professionals and websites that can provide information about these types of documents.